Temora is a beautiful place in Australia. If you are lucky to be an Australian, then must be proud of it. It is not much far away from capital, new south wales. There is a small town called as the friendliest in the entire area. That place is known as Temora. Have you heard about Temora? How is it? How it looks like? You should visit this lace one in a life time. You won’t come across a place like this. Temora has beautiful history behind the story. When it was found? How it named? Who named? All answers will found here.



There is a very beautiful history behind this city. Temora was unknown to world till when a man named John Donald McCansh came to this place. He was shepherd and used to run his sheep’s. he came up to this area in 1847 when he was running his sheep’s. This was unknown for him and all of them. Hence he discovered this place and named this place as TEMORA. This name was also found in famous poem by poet James Macpherson. Later in 1800s, this area acts as pastoral station still it wasn’t established as town. Later gold was found and then a village was established. There was a huge gold rush during 1879, around 20,000 people came to dig for gold. During this rush a world famous mother shipton nugget was found. Its weight was around 309 ounces. Later this was kept and preserved in Temora Rural Museum.  Town is famous for Temora aviation museum for famous aircraft including Australia’s only two best single seater fight aircraft. Those aircraft were used during world war II.


 The Rose Cottage, especially, has awesome ratings and stunning bedrooms where you can breathe and relax after exploring all day long. Temora accommodation is perfect for a town so tiny, with many small and beautiful hotels that you could live in. Temora lies on the western side of the fertile Riverina area. Many streams and rivers are found in Temora, with the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan rivers running through north and northwest and the Murray River running through south. It found about three hundred meters above sea level, with beautiful flowers in the fields in spring and a gorgeous town with beautiful and stunning architecture. The weather of Temora is mild and rather pleasant, like Australia is. The summers are hotter but not too much, rising around 30 degrees Celsius during January and February, whereas the winters are mild, 2.1 C at the most.

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