How to buy the right baby bottle?

When it comes to taking a great care for their baby, lots of first time parents get confused and puzzled. Apart from everything, the major problem comes when it about feeds your child. Lots of people do not know the tricks to feed their baby, and that is why they get puzzled when it comes to feeding their baby. One of the prime concerns comes when it is about feeding the baby from the bottle. Though there is lots of baby bottle available in the recent marketplace you have to select only the best one. There are numbers of well-known baby bottles available such as Dr. Brown’s baby bottle, Avent baby bottles, Gerber, Evenflo, Playtex’s baby bottles.

Types of baby bottles

However, there are numbers of baby feeding bottles available, but two types of feeding bottles are popular. These are glass bottles and plastic bottles. Glass bottles are extremely robust and durable. Unless you drop them, you will not be able to break it. And that is why it has been extremely popular. One of the interesting fact about this bottles are they are quite hygienic. Glass bottles are quite easy to clean and wash. In fact, these bottles do not have any lingering smell even after it has been used. Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are also totally free of any kind of chemicals. Also, this is not so expensive. You can get it from any online stores. They are easily available and accessible in online stores.

Apart from glass bottles plastic bottles are quite popular amongst parents. They love to feed their baby in this type of bottle. In fact, these bottles come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are inexpensive as well. So, these bottles can be replaced easily when it turns out to be a discolored or damaged one. There have been several concerns over this chemical content of the plastic starters. They are also extremely robust so that you will be able to use it for your baby’s feeding.

How to clean it?

When you use this type of feeding bottle to feed your baby, cleaning or washing is the important factor. You have to take care of these bottles because keeping the bottles hygienic; you will be able to keep your baby safe. You can use hot water to clean the bottles regularly. You can also use liquid soap to clean it.


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