21 days of total body fitness for men

body fitness

Men, you would be surprised to know that three weeks is all it takes to get your body in shape. Whether you are just a beginner or have been randomly going to the gym for months, this body fitness program can help you reach your goals as you’ll emerge looking stronger, faster and flexible in these 21 days. The workouts are all scalable and take no more than 30 minutes to complete them. However, intense commitment and discipline is required to make it happen.

7 Days Program

The first 7 days are the most important days to get your body used to the program. After the first week, the same schedule is amped up to provide a better exercise routine. The following provides the theme for the first week of workout:

body fitness

  • Day 1- Strength: Day 1 is all about moving weight and improving muscle definition. Dumbbell workouts are those which focus on the body’s most fundamental motions which are- lunging, pushing, squatting, and pulling.
  • Day 2- Light Endurance: The goal of this day is to strengthen the lungs and increase the blood flow to the muscles for a speedy recovery from the previous day’s body fitness schedule
  • Day 3- Speed: This session is equipment-free and can be performed anywhere. It has a dynamic warm-up for an intense workout. It aims to sharpen your reaction time
  • Day 4- Mobility: The day is dedicated to active recovery. It is meant to keep you functional, flexible and injury-free. It aims to increase the range of motion and final performance for the week
  • Day 5- Power: This covers the essential movements for functional strength and adds power training to the body fitness
  • Day 6- Long Endurance: Building endurance over a long distance at lower exertion levels can burn calories and burn fat at a faster pace
  • Day 7- Recovery: The day is to completely relax and stretch. The body will adapt to the pace and your capacity will pace-up.


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