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World of Tanks T34 Premium

A multiplayer online game, World of Tanks consists of mid-20thcentury combat vehicles. It was featured as an eSport game in the World Cyber Games in 2012. It is a freemium game that can be played for free but has features that can be bought if you buy a premium account. Purchasing a World of Tanks T34 Premium account enables you to choose any type of armored vehicles and offers the sale of premium accounts at affordable prices. This is what that makes playing the game a lot more interesting and exciting.

Players can win a game based on their skills. However, buying a premium account like the World of Tanks T34 helps increase your level or purchase equipment that allows upgrading the players. These accounts also help in quicker leveling and farming of in-game gold. It is one of the reasons why buying a premium account for an extended period helps save gold. It also gets you equipment, tanks, as well as, updates on a regular basis.

Buying the World of Tanks type T34 also helps in various ways. One hit by the tank causes significant damage. It has an excellent armor penetration with BB shells. A T34 WoT also has a tough stone turret and a perfect laying for range.

World of Tanks T34 Premium

How a World of Tanks T34 account helps:

  • The T34 is like a heavy premium tank that is priced at approximately the same as 12,000 of gold.
  • It has powerful guns and impressive armor penetration and disperse.
  • It weighs at 65 tons and its speed is 35 km/h.
  • It is an upgraded version of the T30.

How to upgrade?

  • Crew members need to learn the skill repair.
  • The commander needs to get the sixth sense skill.
  • A mechanic must become a virtuoso.
  • The rest of the crew needs to learn the skills of contact-free ammunition and radio interception.

Benefits of buying the WoTT34  

  • The players gain extra experience points per battle.
  • The crew of the T34 WoT vehicle may also receive extra experience points up to 50%.
  • The players get 50% more credits for every battle.
  • They also get a clean and spacious garage for their tanks.
  • A premium game account helps the players buy the best type of tanks.


Online games like the World of Tanks make for an exciting mode of entertainment. Moreover, this particular game based on history makes it all the more thrilling, with battle tanks and war. Improving one’s game needs skills, but also specific features like tanks, armor, that gives more power to the players. Buying the premium account from a trustworthy site means value for money. So, choose wisely and buy a premium account to improve your game.

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