Amazon Account Suspended When The Seller Does Not Follow Its Rules And Regulations

amazon suspension

Amazon has got various products sold in their website. They are the origin for online selling of all types of products. Just select the product and give some information about the place where it has to be delivered, then the product is seen at your doorstep in just a time. Amazon is said to be the king of online sales of products. It is not only the sales which keeps Amazon in this position but their service towards customers are commendable and only for this reason they are able to sustain in the market for these many days. There are other competitors also but Amazon has got its own place in every customer’s heart. This type of commendable service can be provided only if the process is continuous and consistent. Hence Amazon has got certain policies which are to be strictly followed by all the sellers who are accompanied with Amazon. The seller may be from a renowned brand, even for him also the policy is same and if any violation found then they will also be suspended from their sellers list. The seller must check their performance notification which is available in the central seller to get information about suspension.

amazon suspension

The suspension is not the end of sales for any seller. They are given a chance to explain from themselves for the violation of process. There are certain privileges enjoyed by the seller prior to suspension. Once suspended all these privileges are got back. An appeal to this suspension can be done to get back all those privileges which are lost. The appeal submitted should be appealing to Amazon in order to consider for removing from suspension. There is a huge loss for the seller during this hour hence they could get it resolved through agents who are expertise in this line. Of course, some amount has to be spent for their service but it is less and advantageous when compared to the loss due to amazon account suspended. The seller’s poor performance is determined using three measurements. They are order defect rate, pre-fulfillment cancellation rate and late shipment rate.

Order defect rate is measured using the customer’s review and feedback, if it is only two or three stars rating, then the seller is in danger. It is advisable for the seller to maintain this rate around 1% to be on the safer side. Pre-fulfillment cancellation is the one which is calculated based on the number of cancellations prior to shipment of the product. Late shipment rate is done using the number of cancellations that occur due to delayed delivery of product.

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