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body shop hardware system

Are you looking for a reliable car service? If your answer is affirmative, contact Body Shop, one of the leading automotive remanufacturers. Body Shop, with body shop hardware system, offers a full range of car services, car maintenance, vehicle checks, computerized adjustments and towing within 24 hours. Trust Body Shop and make sure your car runs smoothly.

Our commitment

At Body Shop, we started our trip in 1983, and since then we have always strived to offer customers the best services at affordable prices. We always try to keep customers stress-free by offering their cars for repair. Our customer service specialists help our clients in all aspects of the claim process. They are always ready to answer all your questions about repairs and insurance claims.

Our team

In 2007, our Body Shop began its career as an innovative car manufacturer, recognized for its reliability and timely service, and the success story continues. Thanks to our well-trained and experienced team of self-service professionals who helped us achieve the pinnacle of success.

Our team is experienced and possesses the most modern knowledge and skills to deal with any type of repair or maintenance of automobiles, large or small.

body shop hardware system

For more than 8 years, you can count on the Body Shop technical team to help your car drive safely on the road. Yes, the latest cars are more complex than before, but Body Shop specialists have the experience of keeping your car and its systems in perfect working order.

Our staff is composed of 4 appraisers who guarantee a quick and accurate analysis and repair, 12 metal repair technicians, 3 certified repair technicians, 6 paint specialists, 4 automotive detailing specialists, 6 certified mechanics and 1 certified leveling specialist .

Our services

Our car repair system is compatible:

  • ADP Software Evaluation
  • Com-Est evaluation software
  • Head of software precision specifications
  • Collision link directly to a car dealership
  • Hardware and software for the processing of photos and digital images.
  • Hunter’s computerized laser system, which includes printed information before and after
  • Specifications of the printed frame of the Genesis Lazar boss.

For more information about Body Shop, visit body shop hardware system to see more of their services.

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